Tattoo butter is formulated as an ointment that provides intensive skin care after the tattoo process, and at the same time protects the skin from harmful external influences. It creates a protective film over the skin, soothes the skin. Tattoo butter is safe and can be applied immediately after the tattooing process. It can be used long after tattooing for skincare, maintains and protections of the bright color of the tattoo, keeping it looking vibrant for years. Tattoo butter can be used for the care and protection of dry skin.

Product Description

  • Hemera Tattoo Butter – Before, During, and After the Tattoo Process, Skin Numbing, Soothing and Healing Butter for Tattoos
  • Hemera Tattoo Butter can be applied to the skin as needed during the tattooing process. It should be applied to the skin as an aftercare to improve healing. It leaves the skin moisturized and keeps the tattoo’s colors bright and healthy.
  • Hemera Tattoo Butter nourishes your skin and brings back skin’s elasticity and smoothness.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- RISK-FREE! Hemera Tattoo Butter does the job and helps your skin to be the best they’ve ever been. You can always get your money back! If you’re unhappy with our Tattoo Butter for any reason just let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund.


Safety Information

Coconut oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Panthenol, Peppermint oil


Weight 3.21 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 2 in

14 reviews for TATTOO BUTTER CREAM

  1. Mickey

    Great butter for after tattoo removal or after tattooing

    It feels nice, has healthy ingredients on the list. And it smells nice as well, hidrate the skin very well. It helps me affer tattoo removal. So ill be using it. Ill update the review after i use it for more days.

  2. Dr. T. SmitheDr. T. Smithe

    Tattoo butter

    Currently using this on these flower cover ups. It spreads evenly, I’ll know better within a few days how it does with healing. But so far I like it.

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  3. allesha johnson

    Purchasing again

    This stuff is great for after the tattoo is done. The peppermint oil gives it a fresh air with a breeze numbing kind of feeling. Yeah… I’m buying this one again

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  4. LeslyLesly


    Es espectacular , como hidratante y entumecedor , me hize mi tatuaje de 8 horas de sección y las últimas dos horas esta crema me ayudo mucho a tolerar el dolor en específicas áreas de la espalda , por supuesto que lo volveré a comprar , recomendado 10/10 , apenas llevo 24 horas con mi tatuaje en mi espalda y se recupera genial 🔥

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  5. Amazon Customer


    It soothes the skin SO well! It goes on like an oil so a little goes a long way but I like to pack it on😋 It has a nice minty feel as well, love it. This also sped up the healing process of my tattoos, reduced swelling, irritation and any chances of scabbing. Highly recommend 👍

  6. Megan roadenMegan roaden


    This stuff not only smells amazing but feels amazing! It works amazing on tattoos and I actually use it on my lips as lip balm as well! It helps my tattoos heal beautifully. I’d buy this just for my lips to be honest

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  7. MichelleMichelle

    Super thick lasts all day great moisturizing

    I like this butter because its super thick and a little goes a long ways. It is safe to use on new and old tattoos. It makes your tattoos shine and you can use a little for long lasting tattoo comfort. I also use this on my old tattoos to makes them shine. A great product.

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  8. ontherockswlimeontherockswlime

    Made from 100% Natural Ingredients! Great alternative for tattoo healing process!

    I really enjoyed using this tattoo butter. What I really enjoyed is that it was not greasy so I doesn’t leave stains on your clothes line other brands do. Helps tattoo heal naturally.Pros:*Non greasy*Great smell (peppermint)*100% Natural Ingredients

  9. Wilhelmina Zeitgeist

    Seems To Work Well

    I appreciate this tattoo butter’s numbing feature. It doesn’t take away the pain completely but it does tone it down some. Seems I’m a bit braver when doing a tattoo on myself when I use it. It’s also soothing and the numbing takes some of the pain away during the healing process while protecting and moisturizing the area in and around the tattoo. I really like it.

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  10. Shopping Pro

    Soothing & Nice Texture

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     I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on this butter. It’s not overly waxy or sticky, and seems to be very soothing for the majority of users. It says “for before, during, and after”, but I can only attest to aftercare results. Is very hydrating and significantly reduced peeling and scabbing.

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  11. Ashley E

    Has a weird smell

    Smells good in the bottle (minty) but on my skin it smells like spaghetti pasta. I don’t know why the smell changes once in contact with my skin but it eventually goes away.It does have a menthol feeling when applied. Coconut oil and Shea butter is the main ingredient so you can just use that.At the end of the day, you don’t really need a high end butter to help the healing process of your tats.You can use generic brand. I used regular Lotion on my first tat and it it’s still looks vibrant after two years.

  12. Alex

    Pretty good

    Ok so I got this because other products it’s like 50/50 either it won’t work depending on the person or it will make the tattoos bearable basically. It is my first time using a product now first off I applied it wrong well mostly based on time wise but I was doing a spine cover up tattoo and on the lower back part it was actually bearable to deal with which normally it doesn’t but I didn’t apply properly for the full spine and time stuff. Only thing I wish is that there were instructions on after care such as how long it stays on? And does it stain clothes? I do not know yet so yea we’ll for me I enjoyed this product although the tattoo I had was still quite painful there were moments where I could handle just for me next time imma do it properly but the product is one I would recommend and so far the after care hasn’t been too bad on the tattoo.

  13. Marcus

    Amazing product

    It has my new and old tattoos looking great

  14. M. Kelly

    Great tattoo cream!

    My son recently expanded on his tattoos (arm) and I got this for him to try out. He really liked it. Said it went on smoothly and had a calming cool feeling on his skin. Moisturizer balm was absorbed quickly and he said it seemed to heal sooner than it has in the past when he has gotten his tattoos. He said he will be using this in the future and will be recommending to his friends.

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