About Us


HEMERA is family-owned company committed to connecting you to natural products to help your skin stay young and healthy. Here at Hemera, we embrace natural beauty by bringing you products that empower you to look and feel your best. Our company is seeded in an understanding of what we put on and, in our bodies, affects our overall health and well-being.

Using age old family recipes from the countryside, we have worked with our manufacturing team to combine ingredients that adhere to our natural standards.

The Greek goddess of day, Hemera, harnessed control over light and brightness and we want to give that control to you each day. Start your day with confidence when you use our authentic HEMERA  products.

Trained as a pharmacist I spent years working with doctors and patients. When my family began to grow, I took this knowledge and embarked to bring Hemera Supreme Naturals to fruition. My goal was simple, I wanted to have creams and ointments that worked to help treat everyday skin problems and the confidence that they were safe for my family. From the littlest member that we welcomed in October 2020, to my Grandma in the mountains our formula skin products are effective and nurture our bodies. 

Choose HEMERA Supreme Natural products with trust and indulge in nourishing your body. Look better and feel better with our skincare and body care products 

From our family to yours,

HEMERA Supreme Naturals

What are our values?

  • Provide natural based ingredients in our products
  • Guided by the natural elements 

You will find our products contain:

  • Coconut oil to provide key essential fatty lipids
  • Shea butter with its vitamins A and E to promote antioxidant activity
  • Calendula oil to soothe irritated skin and protect against oxidative stress
  • Olive oil to help lock in moisture  

What are we focused on?

We stand behind the use of our natural ingredient products to bring you the best nature has to offer. Our ingredients are carefully selected and crafted to give just the right combination to let you shine. At HEMERA Supreme Naturals we spare no expense when delivering you our products. We are continuously evaluating how customers use and experience our products and would love to hear from you!